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Welcome to ls16geek

For those that haven't visited the site, we are currently in BETA development and have been for sometime and the main reason for this is that there is an awful lot of developing and testing going on and when we are happy we will move from the BETA stage.

Thedemopage was originaly designed for unsigned bands and developed in such a way that would allow these artists to upload any material for sharing and promoting providing they where the copyright owners, however, along the way we realised that what we where devloping had a lot more potential and decided that was now not just for unsigned bands but for everyone.

To take full advanatage of the site you really need to become a member and once you have registered you will get the following options :-
For Registered Users

Showcase Slot.

This is where you can upload the equivalent of one cd of your material and share/promote it using our promotion tools. This includes the "on the fly " Rss Feed that are created and the links can be emailed to your friends/Colleagues/Promoters for them to view without having to visit the site.
There is also a springwidget or flash version and this can also be emailed/embbeded into other sites or using the spring widget tool downloaded straight to your desktop.


With the "Media Libraries" you can upload and share your media with whoever you like. You mix the media in your libraries and you can have unlimited libraries with unlimited content. These to are available as RSS Feeds and can be password protected.
Not forgetting that you can set your media to public or private for sharing.

Media Recorders

Have you uploaded a some media in one format and want to recode to another for example file1.wav and want to convert it to mp3 format.Then use this option.


Playlist are there for you to store and share links to media that you have found all over the web. You can keep them in one place and share these. A bit look bookmarks.


Our email system is currently being developed and will let you email friends and colleagues from the site.

Unique URL

When you register you will recieve a unique URL of your choosing and this will allow to access your files quick and easily.

Chat online

You can now chat with your friends on-line via your chat page.


For people to become friends, they must send you a request which you can either accept or deny and if accepted then they can interact with you on your chat pages.

Profile Security

We have kept this simple. "hidden" - no one can see your profile and media - it's completely hidden. "Friends" only friends can see your profile and media. "Public" - Anyone can see your profile and media.
And to add to this we have Favoruites, RSS Feeds, Emails and much much more.

For Advertisers

We have also created an area where you can register and advertise your product for free. To take advantage simply go to "Advertisers" and register.
Once registered you will be able to login and create your advert and this will appear on the right hand side. We have also created sections where you can view your stats includning number of times your advert has been shown and also the number of times it has been click. You can also download this information to help you promote your product even further through other forms of media.

My Reviews

Chapel Club
What can I say about this band but BEAUTY. This is one of those bands that I could sit and listen to for hours and in an old 80's/90's style remind me the good old shoegazing days with the excellent guiatar sound similar to likes of early Boo Radley's\Slowdive\Catherine Wheel and yes even Chapter House etc ... Brilliant Brilliant, well worth a listen.
Joanne Newsome
For a long time Kate Bush has been the women for me with her beautiful vocals and strange'sk sound but I recently heard this young lady on Jules Holland and what can I say. Well I cant really. visit her page and listen...